Snowdonia Truffle Trove 150g


Extra mature Cheddar enriched with delicate Black Summer truffle


Truffle Trove luxuriously combines Italian Black Summer truffles with extra mature Cheddar from North Wales, taste-tested and graded by Snowdonia experts. Encased in pure white wax, the cheese has a distinctive earthy aroma and a perfectly balanced flavour, with undertones of wild mushroom and hazelnut leading to notes of garlic. If your tempted by this why not take a look at the cheese hampers we have on offer

Origin:                       Wales
Region:                      Denbeigh, Clwyd
Made by:                   Snowdonia Cheese Company
Type:                          Hard
Milk:                           Cow
Milk Treatment:    Pasteurised
Coagulant:                Vegetarian Rennet


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