3 Bottle Mead Hamper


In stock (can be backordered)

Choose 3 flavours from 10 and enjoy the ride.

In stock (can be backordered)


3 bottle mead hamper-  choose 3 flavours from 10 of the best flavours of British mead. These are naturally produced and each flavour has its own unique way of gliding you through the delights of what is the oldest alcoholic drink known to man.

The 3 bottle mead hamper is a fantastic gift and if you are introducing someone to the wonders of mead this is the right way to do it. Did you know it’s even been found in the pyramids of egypt .

Mead is produced by fermenting honey with water and possibly additional spices, fruits, hops. The production of mead involves several steps. After sterilization, yeast are added to initiate fermentation. Yeast used to produce mead is similar to the wine yeast, which are used in production to white wines.


14.5% ABV


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